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Recognized by Landscape Architect magazine as an Industry ‘Mover & Shaker’, through sharing her scoop – who, what, when, where, why, how and benefits of eco choices, Sylvia Hoehns Wright is recipient of the Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic Award sponsored by Hines Horticulture, Project Evergreen and Today’s Garden Center magazine.

An advocate for sustainability, Wright challenges all to ‘green’ America’s landscapes, create a legacy of healthier urban/suburban communities. For, t
he future holds a unique opportunity: the opportunity not to just be a caretaker but a person who cares!

Be the person who sets a Climate, not merely adjusts to a preexisting one; creates an encouraging Attitude, not practices ambivalence; is Receptive to people without losing sight of personal needs; and demonstrates Empathy for others while keeping problems in perspective.

Instead of allowing others define life’s role, acquire eco knowledge. Become known as the person who 'CAREs' – enables conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency!

As a 'greenscape' advocate, Wright recommends -

         Plants of CARE 
Products & Services
                  of CARE


 Seven Steps to Grow Green Market Share



     The Wright Scoop - 
                           Sylvia Hoehns Wright

Sharing first-hand knowledge of the impact of urban development on her central Virginia wet-land property, Wright’s eco advocacy 

        urges all to measure their eco-footprint, acquire an understanding of the influence of their present-day legacy, and then, enable a path of eco-efficiency for others  

        identifies techniques proven to move America's landscape from eco-weak to eco-chic, create a legacy of healthy community green space  
       enables greenscaping site analysis & plan development that considers 5 Ps – Plant, Place, Planting strategy, Purchase (buy-local) which inspires People to CARE

        facilitates for eco-biz the P’s – product, publicity, promotion, people, planet & profit – as each influence ‘greening’ market share, development of vision/mission  statements that include green initiatives which enable an ‘organic voice’ – niche branded recognition

        facilitates for eco-city the identification and implementation of community green-scaping strategies, challenging all to become eco-leaders of considered change.

As founder of the Plants of CARE' plant recognition and  'Products & Services of CARE'  product recognition programs, the Wright Scoop – Sylvia Hoehns Wright seeks to inspire people to create a legacy of CARE, a perspective of conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency – ‘green’ America’s landscape! 

To learn more about Wright’s activities, visit sections of web site  or follow Twitter ID, Wright Scoop or Face-book group, The Wright Scoop or subscribe to gardening in Richmond’ column or link to Wright Scoop blog.  
                Books by Wright


In print, I-book or E-book formats, biz, communications and eco tips/strategies are available through Sylvia Wright’s Book Store Front or retail book stores. 

                                                                The Wright Scoop - Sylvia Hoehns Wright
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                                                eco biz, communications, greenscape individual & community landscape 
                                                                                                 2014 schedule

 Adult Ed Workshops offered Henrico County VA - register with   location Hermitage High School

      workshop: 053 - Landscape/Garden Design for the Hands-on-Homeowner, text optional: Eco-weak to Eco-chic: landscape green available at Sylvia’s Book Store Front -

      workshop: 071 – Public Speaking - Want to gain important job skills; learn how to speak effectively and confidently in front of a group? Learn all the basics of public speaking with a curriculum tailored with your specific goals in mind in this introductory course to public speaking.

      workshop: #100 Memoir Writing: Using a memoir style book, Eco-legacy, a millennium woman’s heritage, instructor identifies life roles that you presently have or wish to accomplish; and verbal/writing techniques identified to capture these experiences in a written format.

      workshops: Course #102 The Art of Writing Personal Communications- using book – A Writer on Writing – the building block of nonfiction, attendees recognize the power of the written word, factors that enable and prohibit clear communications; and research techniques and writing styles that produce professionally published documents, text optional and available at Sylvia’s Book Store Front -

      Course # 101 The Art of Writing Biz Buzz. Market Share, make it work for you – attendees complete assignments which result in usable verbal and written Public Relations and marketing communication formats and a support media campaign plan, text optional and available at Sylvia’s Book Store Front -

 Other Events

      March 2014 Kite Festival event at Dorey Park Henrico County, For event details, contact 804-501-5121.

      Apr 2014, Spring Garden Walk, join a discussion of ‘what is and is not working’ in Wright’s Woodland Garden – by invitation only contact

      Apr 2014 Earth Day Celebration, Three Lakes Park Henrico County, For event details, contact 804-501-5121.

     Invited speaker for IWWG 2014 Summer Conference August 17 – 22 Wisdom House Litchfield, CT

     Sept 21 – In honor of World Alzheimer Day, link to read Taking Care of Dad,  , one of multiple memoir style stories shared in book – Eco-legacy – a millennium woman’s heritage available at Sylvia’s Book Store Front - 

      Invited speaker for The 4th Low Carbon Earth Summit-2014 Theme: Green Action for Sustainability Time: September 21-23, 2014 Venue: Qingdao International Convention Center, Qingdao, China

     Oct, Fall Garden Walk, by invitation only join a discussion of ‘what is and is not working’ in Wright’s Woodland Garden – contact

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