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Spotlighted by Landscape Architect magazine as an Industry ‘Mover & Shaker’, through sharing her scoop – who, what, when, where, why, how and benefits of eco choices, Sylvia Hoehns Wright is recipient of the Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic Award sponsored by Hines Horticulture, Project Evergreen and Today’s Garden Center magazine.
An advocate for sustainability, Wright challenges all to ‘green’ America’s landscapes, create eco-legacies of healthier urban/suburban communities. For, t
he future holds a unique opportunity: the opportunity not to simply be a caretaker but a person who CAREs!

Become the person who sets a Climate, not merely adjusts to a preexisting one; creates an encouraging Attitude, not practices ambivalence; is Receptive to others without losing sight of personal needs; and demonstrates Empathy for others while keeping problems in perspective. Become known as the person who 'CAREs' – enables conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency!
To learn more about Wright’s activities, visit sections of web site  or follow Twitter ID, Wright Scoop or Face-book group, The Wright Scoop or subscribe to gardening in Richmond’ column.  Or, link to Landscape Gardening with CARE video  


As a 'greenscape' advocate, Wright recommends -

         Plants of CARE 
Products & Services
                  of CARE


 Seven Steps to Grow Green Market Share



     The Wright Scoop
                           Sylvia Hoehns Wright

Sharing first-hand knowledge of the impact of urban development on her central Virginia wet-land property, Wright’s eco advocacy 

        urges all to measure their eco-footprint, acquire an understanding of the influence of their present-day legacy, and then, enable a path of eco-efficiency for others  

        identifies techniques proven to move America's landscape from eco-weak to eco-chic, create a legacy of healthy community green space  
       enables greenscaping site analysis & plan development that considers 5 Ps – Plant, Place, Planting strategy, Purchase (buy-local) which inspires People to CARE

        facilitates for eco-biz the P’s – product, publicity, promotion, people, planet & profit – as each influences ‘greening’ market share, development of vision/mission  statements that include green initiatives which enable an ‘organic voice’ – niche branded recognition

        facilitates for eco-city the identification and implementation of community green-scaping strategies, challenging all to become eco-leaders of considered change.

As founder of the Plants of CARE' plant recognition and  'Products & Services of CARE'  product recognition programs, the Wright Scoop – Sylvia Hoehns Wright seeks to inspire people to create a legacy of CARE, a perspective of conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency – ‘green’ America’s landscape! 

               Books by Wright

 .   In print, I-book or E-book formats, biz, communications and eco tips/strategies are available through Sylvia Wright’s Book Store Front or retail book stores. 

                                                                The Wright Scoop - Sylvia Hoehns Wright
                                                                                                    specializes in                                                 
                                                eco-efficient biz, communications, individual & community landscape gardening 
Events -

      Apr/OCT Garden Walk, join a discussion of ‘what is and is not working’ in Wright’s Woodland Garden – by invitation only contact  

An invited speaker for The Low Carbon Earth Summit series , Wright has taught communications courses for the VA Community College system, provided speeches/workshops for the Floriculture Conference held in FL, PLANET conference held in KY, National League of Cities Congressional conference held in DC, MAC Maymont Flower Show held in VA, Green Festivals held DC, and Garden Writers Association conference held in Canada. To schedule participation in an event, contact .





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