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Identified by Landscape Architect magazine as an Industry 'Mover & Shaker',  The Wright Scoop –Sylvia Hoehns Wright is recipient of the Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic’ award sponsored by Hines Horticulture, Project Evergreen and Today’s Garden Center magazine.

Wright's advocacy recommends techniques proven to move America's landscapes from eco-weak to eco-chic, create a legacy of healthy community green spaces. Her 'green' writing is spotlighted by the VA Press Women Association.
In fact, Gigi Amateau, author of the award winning youth novel Claiming Georgia Tate, describes Wright’s writing as, “thrilling, to tell the truth. She really nails it. I laughed and loved the whole thing. In the past couple of years, I've gotten away from gardening (except in my mind); Wright’s words reminded me of why I love to work in the earth in the first place.” 

A graduate of the state of VA's Natural Resource Leadership Institute program, Wright attend landscape design courses sponsored by Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and the National Garden Association Stewards of the Land programs. She is a graduate of Henrico County VA's master gardener program. 

Having witness Wright's first-hand knowledge of the impact of urban development on her central Virginia wet-land property, editor Kathy Jentz of Washington Gardener Magazine says “Sylvia Hoehns Wright’s landscape gardening strategies offer guidelines for joining the green revolution in your own yards." After attending a workshop, Changing America’s Landscape, sponsored by the National Cities Conference, "I ," says Kenneth Pritchett, "was anxious to start a Go Green effort for my community, Petersburg VA."

As recipient of the Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic Award, Wright challenges communities to create eco sustainable landscapes which reflect a 6 P educational program: inspire People to acquire an understanding of the Place in which they reside, select Plants that work-well in their region, install the identified plants during appropriate Planting seasons, Purchase plants as a buy-local effort to support community economy which results in creating eco and community Prosperity for all. To place emphasis on eco-impact, the 6 P program is expanded to inspire all to create landscape gardens of C A R E - conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency!  

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Wright's Woodland Garden

  The Best of Birds & Blooms 2005  

To acquire step by step guidelines for creating sustainable landscapes, Landscape Gardening with CARE, link to Sylvia’s Store . 

or link to Landscape Gardening with CARE video                        

Industry Comments

"As an environmentalist and president of the Cornell Douglas foundation, I have been searching for new words to define those of us who advocate for protecting our natural resources for future generations. Wright's word- eco-legacy is perfect: it encourages all of us to recognize that water, land, and air are not expendable luxuries, but critical resources we must sustain in our roles as responsible stewards." - Ann Cornell, President Cornell Douglas Foundation

"Wright’s eco-chic advocacy embodies every aspect of the consumer education campaign we hoped to inspire. For, our vision is to become a global organization that empowers people within communities to change society through the responsible creation and preservation of sustainable green spaces, such that the ever-increasing impacts of global warming in the world are measurably reduced; because Green Matters!" - Den Gardner,
executive director of Project EverGreen.


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