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Sylvia Hoehns Wright

A graduate in BS Management of Communication Systems at VA Commonwealth University (VCU) and participate in MS Special Studies at VCU, Wright is a graduate of the VA Natural Resource Leadership Institute program sponsored by UVA and VA Tech.


A frequent speaker for business and civic organizations such as Assoc. Information Technology Professionals, International Assoc. Business Communicators, and Society of Public Relations Professionals, Wright is a  recommended speaker/workshop instructor by the Richmond Information Systems Education (RISE) group.

Through sharing her scoop – who, what, when, where, why, how and benefits of  acquiring  market share, Wright provides insight as well as practical guidelines, tips and strategies for implementing eco-biz strategies proven to ‘grow green’ market share. Defined in simple terms – ‘green’ is a frugal use of limited resources which results in decreased product/service expenses, increased profit and earth-friendly activities that provide for present-day lifestyles without sacrificing the eco future or others.

Listed in the Who’s Who of America and International Professionals, she is described by the VA Housing Development Authority  as “right on target with our objective of improving communication within our department.”

The Wright Scoop challenges all to Grow Green Market Share with CARE -

          Grow Green Market Share with CARE

The 3rd in a trilogy of publications, Wright’s book, Grow Green (planet & profit) Market Share with CARE challenges biz communities to create eco sustainable products and services which reflect a 6 P educational program: inspire People to acquire an understanding of the Place in which they reside, select Plants/Products that work-well in their region, install identified plants/products during appropriate Planting/installation seasons, Purchase plants/products as a buy-local effort to support community economy resulting in eco and community Prosperity for all.

Wright’s ‘quick reference’ guide, Grow Green Market Share with CARE is available through any retail store or
Sylvia’s Book Store Front -  

Industry Endorsement -  

       “Nurturing and brimming with accomplishment, Sylvia seamlessly brings people together to showcase their best talents.” Nicole M. Bouchard, Editor-in-Chief The Write Place At the Write Time, 

         “Green Industries do so much good for our communities and our world ... and we should be shouting that to the rooftops. But we hide our light under a bushel..... And in today’s competitive business environment, that’s unacceptable. That’s why it’s great research such as Wright’s is available to help guide them through the basics of biz planning, public relations and marketing”. - Chris Beytes, editor & Publisher, GrowerTalks and Green Profit magazines

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